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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Generation Republican: A session to be optimistic

Excerpted from this post at New Generation Republican

We have all heard about how this session will be doom and gloom. The
State has a $1 billion dollar deficit for the 2010 budget, major cuts
are on the horizon, and property taxes are going to go up! Well, I
refuse to have the session Grinch squash my enthusiasm! I look at this
session with great opportunity. If you are a conservative, and believe
in limited government, you should also be excited. This session,
government will be reduced and spending will drastically be cut. I
have spent the summer working on the government reorganization
committee. A lot of data was crunched and many ideas were laid out. I
was amazed that when you need money for the budget, both sides can
agree on cutting. These opportunities only come along when all other
choices, other than raising taxes, have been eliminated. To pull my
head out of the clouds, I will admit, we are far from a utopia and we
are not yet singing kum ba ya. However, both sides are at the table.


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