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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Marion Contrarian: W.E.A.R. -- The war to end all Republicans

Excerpted from this post at The Marion Contrarian

The following story officially records the "shot" heard all 'round Iowa folks. This is the start to a war that very well could set back the Republican Party of Iowa for decades. Just when we have the issue set on our side, have the wind at our back, and the ability to mobilize the various "sects" of the Iowa GOP, we uncover a jihadist sleeper cell of so-called GOP leaders who are refusing to work toward post-primary unity and disparaging our very political party. I have posted this story below. See if you don't agree ... this could be huge trouble. ... "Rally to oppose gay marriage morphs into Vander Plaats event. Iowa Family PAC endorses the Sioux City Republican, shuns his chief rival."

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