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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Popular Progressive: Krause, Fiegan, and Conlin: Grassley challengers

Excerpted from this post at Popular Progressive

To the point that Roxanne Conlin entered the race to be the Democratic
U.S. Senate candidate, scarcely a peep had been made by the state's
newspapers about the two other candidates running for the Democratic
nomination. Bob Krause and Tom Fiegan have been pounding the pavement
furiously trying to shore up support ahead of the June primary for
months. To be sure, neither Fiegan nor Krause are as well-known
candidates as Conlin who is best known for being defeated in her run
for Governor in 1982. And neither are women, which brings excitement
to a core constituency, particularly as Iowans have not seen fit to
elect a qualified female to Congress -- ever. And, if you saw Rekha
Basu's column in the Des Moines Register, Conlin has a compelling
personal story. Still, since there is so much time to learn about each
of the candidates and how they would represent Iowans, it is worth the


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