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Friday, December 11, 2009

Iowa Progress: What's good for the goose

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Progress

Tom Fiegen today sent out an attack on Roxanne Conlin and what he
termed "her troubled candidacy." Fiegen stated that her candidacy was
tainted because of GOP attacks over the attorney's fees that Conlin
and 150 other lawyers received for their work for the State of Iowa in
a class action lawsuit against Microsoft. What's interesting about
Fiegen's attack is that he's using it not to attack Conlin personally
but saying it gives fuel to "the GOP attack machine." What Fiegen is
saying is that Conlin may have done nothing wrong but the Republicans
are attacking her for it and that makes her a weaker candidate. In
short, he's playing the electability card and claiming that this makes
him a better candidate as a result. This tries to turn the
conventional wisdom of the race on its head. Conlin has a statewide
profile as a former Democratic nominee for Governor and the first
female U.S. Attorney in Iowa history.


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