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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Iowa Progress: Jim Gibbons pinned as a carpetbagger

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Progress

If you go on to Jim Gibbons's Facebook page, you find the seemingly
banal information that Jim Gibbons's hometown is Des Moines. The only
problem with it is that it isn't true. Jim Gibbons was born and raised
in Ames, not Des Moines. After ending his career as a coach at Iowa
State, Gibbons moved to Perry, where he lived until last month. Both
Perry and Ames are in the 4th Congressional District and it is
difficult to live in either of those places if one wants to establish
residency to run for Congress in Iowa's Third District. It seems clear
that despite his Facebook claim that Des Moines is his "hometown,"
Gibbons has just moved to Polk County in the past few weeks to run
against Leonard Boswell. He is a carpetbagger. There's nothing wrong
with being a carpetbagger though. No one could argue that someone from
Boone County would be unable to understand the problems facing Polk
County or Jasper County but it does show there's some catching up to
do and there's the potential that you are unfamiliar with key local


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