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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Hawkeye GOP: Primary leadership

Excerpted from this post at Hawkeye GOP

There has certainly been a great deal of discussion about litmus tests
and Party Leaders supporting (or not supporting) Republican
Candidates. Here in Iowa, the Pocahontas County Central Committee is
working on amending their constitution to direct the committee to: ...
reject a nominee we find too liberal ... The Constitution and Bylaws
of the Republican Party of Iowa do not prohibit members of the State
Central Committee from endorsing or even even serving on the staff of
campaigns during primary elections. Just as I want to keep the RNC out
of our local primaries, I also want to keep RPI out of our primaries.
I resigned my position on the SCC to keep my promise to my district. I
did not want my support for Christian Fong to become a conflict of
interest. Even though, Fong has dropped out of the race I have no
regrets about keeping my word. In September, I went to the District
Executive Committee meeting that elected my successor on the SCC. I
thought that all three candidates had promised to follow my lead and
remain neutral in primaries.


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