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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

TPMMuckraker: Shadowy GOP-linked group plans barrage of 2010 robo-calls

Excerpted from this post at TPMMuckraker

A shadowy conservative group with ties to the operatives behind a host
of GOP dirty tricks is working to undermine state restrictions on
political robo-calls, as it gears up to unleash a barrage of such
calls in 2010 races. Last month, American Future Fund Political Action
(AFFPA) informed the FEC that it's planning robo-calls in
congressional races. Jason Torchinsky, a lawyer for AFFPA, wrote that
the group "wishes to distribute pre-recorded telephone calls ... as
part of a nationwide program of political outreach." The calls, wrote
Torchinsky, "will expressly advocate the election or defeat of one or
more clearly identified candidates for Federal office." AFFPA was
asking the FEC for an advisory opinion on whether state laws
restricting robo-calls should apply, or whether, as AFFPA argues,
they're pre-empted by a less restrictive federal law that sought to
standardize the regulation of robo-calls.

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