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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Marion Contrarian: Auto-pilot budget increases vs. zero based budgeting? Which approach promotes fiscal responsibility?

Excerpted from this post at The Marion Contrarian

Wednesday's Linn County Board of Supervisors meeting is extremely important. We will be deciding three fundamental issues regarding next year's budget process and I fear I am on the losing end of a "business-as-usual" mentality: 1. What will be the percentage increase in non-bargaining unit employees and management salaries? This decision will affect how millions of tax dollars are spent in "raises" for employees WITHOUT fundamental change to address the long-term problem in classifying employees and their salaries, developing a true merit-based system to employee bonuses or raises, and developing a system to determine what the raise should be if any (the BOS currently will just pick a number that feels and sounds good - seriously, their is no rhyme or reason to it).

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