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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Iowa Defense Alliance: Reason #31 why marriage is a winning Issue

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Defense Alliance

Maine is reason #31 why marriage is a winning issue and the thirty
other reasons are the other states who have had the definition of
marriage being between on man and one woman upheld by the electorate.
Traditional marriage has never lost on the ballot ... never ... not
even in the liberal northeast ... not anywhere in this Obamanation.
Traditional marriage even prevailed when his name was at the top of
the ticket last November. What is interesting about the Maine vote,
however, is that the voters gave the middle finger to the very people
they elected to represent them. The Maine legislature imposed a law
providing gay marriage and yesterday the people spoke and rejected
that law. (Maine doesn't know how lucky they are to actually have
their elected officials make the gay marriage law instead of the
courts unconstitutionally doing it or to have their elected officials
actually do something about marriage-even if it was the wrong
decision. We don't have that luxury in Iowa.)


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