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Friday, November 20, 2009

Herd on the Hill: Restoring the fiscal balance: Iowa family budget initiatives

Excerpted from this post at Herd on the Hill

We have real solutions to help solve Iowa's budget crisis and protect
the very family budgets that will be at risk if bold action is not
taken quickly. Constitutional Limit on State Spending: We will propose
and support an amendment to the Iowa Constitution to limit state
spending to no more than 99% of state revenue. The current budget
limitation law doesn't work and, just last year, the legislature
authorized nearly 70 loopholes in the current law to allow their
outrageous spending increases. Only an amendment to the Iowa
Constitution is immune from legislative loopholes. Limiting spending
to 99% of revenue ensures a balanced budget and the annual deposit of
money into a rainy day fund. In the meantime, we pledge to pass NO
budgets that exceed the 99% limit. Iowa families must live within
their means--Iowa state government should be no different.

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