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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hawkeye Review: Unaffiliated voters roar...and Republicans win

Excerpted from this post at Hawkeye Review

I wouldn't call yesterday a Republican stampede, but there's no doubt
it was certainly a banner day for the GOP. Now that the smoke has
cleared the analysis begins there's no doubt the most impressive
statistic from yesterdays races was the incredible disparity from the
unaffiliated voters. Often called Independents, these voters don't
truly belong to a party and they follow no leader. In a pattern that
was shockingly consistent across the field of races yesterday,
unaffiliated voters broke towards the GOP at a margin of nearly 62% to
38%. These voters confirmed the recent Gallup Poll which clearly
indicates the nation is breaking back towards conservative values. ...
While Virginia, New Jersey and the east coast races received the
lion's share of media last night, there were many down ticket races
across the country that confirmed the resurgence of conservative
values in the shifting electorate. One such race was in Cedar Rapids
with the dominant win by former House Speaker Ron Corbett.


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