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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bleeding Heartland: Republicans trying to have it both ways on I-JOBS

Excerpted from this post at Bleeding Heartland

Attacking Governor Chet Culver's I-JOBS infrastructure bonding
initiative continues to be a staple of Republican Party rhetoric. I've
written about the GOP's misleading talking points before, but State
Representative Chris Rants added a new twist at last night's
fundraising dinner in Scott County. Not long ago, Rants altered his
stump speech to complain about Sergeant Bluff receiving an I-JOBS
grant while Culver's recent across-the-board budget cuts will cost the
community a larger amount. Speaking to a crowd of 300 in Bettendorf,
Rants put a local spin on this story ... What Rants glosses over is
that without I-JOBS, unmet needs for infrastructure improvements would
be even greater. The I-JOBS program includes $118.5 million for flood
prevention and reconstructing buildings in communities affected by
last year's flooding. But requests for that portion of the I-JOBS
money totaled $333.6 million.


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