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Thursday, October 22, 2009

True Blue Iowan: Iowa's anti-Mormon bias?

Excerpted from this post at True Blue Iowan

It's never too early to talk about the next election and Marc Ambinder
is looking to handicap the Iowa caucuses 27 months before they will
happen. (Imagine doing this analysis in October 2005. How many would
have predicted Barack Obama would win the Iowa caucuses? Anybody? Oh
well, let's go on with the charade.) His main point is that if Palin
and Huckabee are both in Romney may try in Iowa. Reasoning: The first
two will split the evangelical wing of the party and Romney could win
with the remainders. If Palin stays out Romney will stay out... opting
for the McCain "skip Iowa" strategy. The reason writes Ambinder: "Mitt
Romney won't attribute his loss in Iowa to anti-Mormon bias, but
plenty of his advisers are willing to go there." Really? Iowa has an
anti-Mormon bias? The only thing negative comment I heard in the 40
years I lived in Iowa was a prayer that they wouldn't come to your

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