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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Politically Speaking: King grills NFL head over Rush

Excerpted from this post at Politically Speaking

There's very entertaining reading today as a perfect storm of
politics, sports, news media moguls and pop culture came to a head in
the words of Iowa 5th District Congressman Steve King. You want Rush
Limbaugh calling NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a weasel? It's here. I
never thought I'd hear King namecheck female pop stars J.Lo or Fergie,
but we've got that. King referring to the Iowa Hawk football victory
Saturday over Michigan State to go to 8-0? Oh, yeah. References to
what Limbaugh said about Philly QB Donovan McNabb in 2003? It's all
good. The episode was King grilling Goodell in a U.S. House Judiciary
Committee hearing. Limbaugh so enjoyed King's pointed questioning that
he then held forth, using the "weasel" description for Goodell.


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