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Friday, October 23, 2009

The Marion Contrarian: 1994 redux

Excerpted from this post at The Marion Contrarian

"The more things change, the more they stay the same." A great little
adage that seems to apply to the condition of the Iowa Republican
landscape these days. In 1994 a full-blown primary was brewing between
Governor Terry Branstad and Congressman Fred Grandy that had multiple
motivations, not least that of fighting for the future direction of
the Republican Party in Iowa. Grandy, the scrappy challenger and the
hope of party moderates, stuck it to the established and conservative
Branstad. Just how much has our Grand Ole' Party changed since then?
Well, Branstad is now the "hope" of moderates against the
evangelical/fundamentalist firebrand Bob Vander Plaats. I would say
that is an interesting and ironic change for both Branstad AND the
moderates of the party! A Sioux City journalist describes the
situation like this: "It's the height of irony to consider Branstad is
being urged to return to the political sphere because some see
gubernatorial candidate Vander Plaats as too exclusionary on social
issues and want a moderating voice."

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