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Friday, October 23, 2009

The Iowa Republican: What's more important: Senate tradition or the institution of marriage?

Excerpted from this post at The Iowa Republican

Groups like IFPC Action and LUV Iowa have been partnering with Iowans
all across the state for almost seven months now to network people and
to work a strategy for passage of the Iowa Marriage Amendment. At each
stop along the way, in every town meeting, and at every marriage
event, people are outraged that the Iowa Supreme Court would take upon
themselves the role of Legislative, Judicial and Executive authority
to create homosexual "marriage" out of thin air. People always want to
know why one branch of government has been allowed to grow so powerful
in relation to the other two. They also want to know what, if
anything, can withstand the tyrannical arm of an out of control
judicial branch. I think I have finally found the answer: Senate

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