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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Hawkeye Review: Culver's smoking gun...

Excerpted from this post at Hawkeye Review

Now it's all starting to make sense... Our Governor cancels all public
appearances and disappears to Washington D.C. under the guise of
defending the interests of "flood victims" and returns home with some
very "delayed" flood aid as he once again postures his role as the
"champion of flood recovery." (Story for another day) It's more likely
the "adults in the DNC" summoned Culver to DC on the eve of the
release of a "Final Report" by the US Election Assistance Commission
which includes a lengthy and detailed audit by Clifton Gunderson LLP.
... The smoking gun reveals what many will consider the origin of
Governor Culver's incompetence to manage anything larger than an
inter-department budget as evidenced by the results of this audit and
the terrible train-wreck that's about to occur in our state finances
with a $1 Billion dollar shortfall for the upcoming fiscal year.


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