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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

FromDC2Iowa: UI budget: Waivers wave goodbye to savings

Excerpted from this post at FromDC2Iowa

... I recall an occasion when, as an FCC commissioner, I was pleased
to be able to vote with my fellow commissioners in announcing a new
policy. Alas, I cannot now remember the policy, nor do I have the time
or inclination this morning to try to track it down. It may have had
to do with the joint ownership of TV stations and newspapers in the
same city. In any event, I thought it a good policy; one that would
not be popular with the big media owners, but was nonetheless in the
best interest of the American people. But I was not so pleased with
what the Commission did thereafter. My recollection is that in
something like the first 11 cases to arise under the new rule my
colleagues listened to the pleas of these major corporations and
agreed, not to repeal the rule mind you, but to "waive" it in the case
before them. ... Here we are, confronting a budget crisis. The Board
of Regents has put a freeze on hiring, voted for a halt to
construction (until they voted against it), is considering a mid-year
tuition increase, layoffs, cuts in salaries and benefits, has at least
nodded in the direction of fairness in all of this, and what does the
UIHC do? Morelli reports that it, "filled a newly created position of
chief medical information officer last week -- the same day university
officials were instructed to consider temporary and permanent layoffs
and a tuition surcharge"


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