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Wednesday, September 23, 2009 Ah, those "golden memories" Iowans have about Terry Branstad's 16 years as governor

Excerpted from this post at

Former Governor Terry Branstad's flirtation with running for that
office again - nearly 12 years after he left Terrace Hill and nearly
16 years since he was a candidate - was a bad idea when we first
started hearing about it in mid-summer. It's an even worse idea now as
autumn begins. I say that despite the Des Moines Sunday Register just
having reported new Iowa Poll numbers that political columnist Kathie
Obradovich says provide a "green light for Branstad." And I say that
even though when Branstad was serving an unprecedented four terms and
16 years as governor, I was one of his most outspoken supporters. I'm
an active, loyal Republican who still really admires Branstad's
career of public service and his subsequent success in leading the
renaissance of Des Moines University as its president. But as for him
running for governor again? Enough is enough.


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