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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Iowa Republican: Like a good neighbor, Fred Hubble is there

Excerpted from this post at The Iowa Republican

Mike Tramontina was removed from his post as the Director of the Iowa
department of Economic Development because some movie producers used
state money to purchase a Land Rover and Mercedes. His replacement,
Fred Hubbell, lives in a million dollar house and probably drives has
a Land Rover and has Mercedes in the garage collecting dust. Hubbell
will probably use his new state gig to give him a little spending
money to throw around. With the embarrassment of the IDED scandal,
it's safe to assume that Governor Culver is going to keep a close eye
on the department. In fact, Culver is so serious that he tapped his
good neighbor, Fred Hubbell, to run it. Hubbell basically lives in the
backyard of Terrace Hill. He bought the property in January of 2007,
the same time that Culver took office.


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