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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Iowa Defense Alliance: The politics of soda pop

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Defense Alliance

By Tom Shaw, Independent Candidate for Iowa House District 8 ... While
a guest on WHO Radio's "Deace in the Afternoon" program, I was
challenged by a caller who disagreed with my decision to leave the
Republican Party and to run as an Independent. The caller believed
that I should remain as a Republican and try to change the party from
within. His thought was "What if workers at Pepsi drank Coca Cola?"
This very question solidified my belief that an organization's brand
name was less important than its product. A few years back, Coca Cola
decided that it wanted to increase its market share by enticing Pepsi
drinkers with a product named "New Coke." Now mind you, Coca Cola had
been successful for many years with its recipe and had established a
loyal customer base. But for some reason the company's leadership
chose to follow the advice of their business advisors and change the

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