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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hawkeye Review: House District 90 -- Now that the smoke has cleared...

Excerpted from this post at Hawkeye Review

I will break my analysis of this special election into two posts. This
will serve as the first and by intention it is nothing but
complimentary. In the second piece, I may offer some critical
feedback... but in fairness to all involved, I don't subscribe to the
tenants of "Ready-Fire-Aim" journalism which some of my fellow
bloggers have been notorious for as of late. It truly requires more
information and careful study before one can and should speak with
helpful and meaningful criticism. Stephen Burgmeier is a class act.
It's as simple as that. He worked hard and was completely gracious
last night, making sure to work the room and offer his sincere thanks
to everyone present for all their hard work and dedication to this
campaign. This was a "symbolic" victory for the GOP/RPI.

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