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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Christian Fong for Governor: Hollywood vs Underwood

Excerpted from this post at Christian Fong for Governor

I'm from the small town of Underwood, Iowa. Cradled into the Loess
Hills, it is a typical small Iowa town, with regular, hard-working
families. It's the Iowa I know. But the Iowa that the state government
knows apparently looks more like Hollywood than Underwood. Tax credits
for new luxury cars? Last second deals funneling hundreds of millions
of dollars to film producers? Par for the course in Des Moines these
days. ... Truth be told, we all like to see Iowa portrayed in a
positive light on the big screen. We like seeing our local artists
have opportunities. It is why the Iowa Film Office exists. But there's
a time and a place, and 2009 was not it. We're a state recovering from
the second largest natural disaster in US history, and in a year with
yawning structural deficits and plunging revenues plugged by $830
million of ill-advised, long-term bonds. Hollywood tax credits are a
very low priority.


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