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Monday, August 03, 2009

HawkeyeGOP: Platform, principle or party

Excerpted from this post at HawkeyeGOP

... Anyone who served with me on the platform committee knew that I was a conservative. A social conservative, a fiscal conservative and a constitutionalist. However because of my self-imposed neutrality in our conventions most in our district did not really know that I was a conservative. That changed one year at the district convention. ... Our proposed platform, in the section on Republican Party and Commendations contained the following plank: "We support a ban on party funds, including soft money, at all levels for candidates who support abortion." ... The motion to remove the plank had prevailed by one vote. I don't remember the exact number but let's say it was 300 yea to 299 nay. Well, I had been looking for a way to make a statement for my principles within what I considered my ethical duty as chair. I announced the vote as follows: "The vote is three hundred in favor to two hundred ninety-nine opposed. The chair casts a NO vote creating a tie. Therefore, failing to achieve a majority, the amendment fails — the plank shall be retained." I had taken a stand on my principles and cast the deciding vote. At that point the place erupted. It was about as close to a riot as we Republicans get.


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