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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Coralville Courier: Top 'earmarker' in Congress: Dave 'Empty Your Pockets' Loebsack

Excerpted from this post at Coralville Courier

EARMARKS: funds provided by Congress for projects, programs, or grants
where the spending purpose is to circumvent the normal merit-based or
competitive allocation processes, or otherwise curtails the ability of
the executive branch to manage its statutory and constitutional
responsibilities pertaining to the funds allocation process. a.k.a.,
pork-barrel spending. The Gravina Island Bridge in Alaska, popularly
known as the "Bridge to Nowhere," is perhaps the most famous of all
earmarks. So who is the biggest 'earmarker' in the U.S. House? Our
own Dave 'Empty Your Pockets' Loebsack. Dave has sponsored or
co-sponsored 29 earmarks totaling more than $217 MILLION in fiscal
year 2009 ranking 1st out of 435 representatives.


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