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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Krusty Konservative: Midwesterners sour on stimulus, paints a bad picture for Culver's future

Excerpted from this post at Krusty Konservative

60% of the Midwesterners surveyed in a recent Washington Post-ABC News
poll think that President Obama's $787 billion stimulus plan is crap.
I'm not surprised. This is what happens when government gives billions
of taxpayer dollars to huge corporations, and does nothing for the
little guy. Seriously, give me one example of how these stimulus
dollars have helped you? That's right, you can't. On a more local
level, the state of Iowa received over $600 million in stimulus, which
Governor Culver has already used. That money wasn't used to stimulate
the economy here in Iowa; it was used to make sure state spending
could continue at its historically high levels.


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