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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Herd on the Hill: Contradictions galore

Excerpted from this post at Herd on the Hill
There is a bake sale taking place at the Capitol today and a dessert
auction with all proceeds going to the Iowa Food Bank. A worthy cause
and decadent sweets and treats abound. There are so many treats, that
if you think of the one thing your grandma made for you as a kid, it
is probably being sold here today. The contradiction part is that all
this baked goodness is on behalf/part of Lt. Governor Patty Judge's
challenge: Your Heart is in Your Hands. Judge is challenging Iowans to
live healthier lives by exorcising more, eating well and kicking bad
habits. She says in an e-mail to all state employees, "as a former
nurse -- I know that our health begins with each of us." So why is she
promoting calloric overload in the form of Oreo Layer Cake?

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