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Thursday, June 18, 2009

HawkeyeGOP: Health care

Excerpted from this post at HawkeyeGOP

I am a fan of Bill Salier. I first met him during his primary campaign
in Cedar Rapids at the home of a good Republican friend, Billboard
Bob. I liked his message of family values, strong defense and limited,
constitutional government. ... This week I have been listening to Bill
filling in for Jan Mickelson on 1040 WHO radio. The topic of greatest
interest to me has been healthcare and the push by the Obama
government to take over the nation's healthcare system. Whether it is
a single-payer government solution or a Massachesetts (Romney) style
insurance mandate, we conservatives must stand firm against it. I
recently started my own business full-time. As I looked at all of the
things I would have to do to make a go of it, I was dismayed that one
of the biggest issues I faced was how to provide health insurance for
my family. I know that my situation is atypical.


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