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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hawkeye Review: Will lightning strike twice in Cedar Rapids?

Excerpted from this post at Hawkeye Review

Back in 1967 an important study was released by the Army Corps. of Engineers that predicted the tragic flood of 2008 within inches of its actual level. This study was largely ignored by city leaders over the past 30 years as evidenced by the construction of a public library, police and fire stations within the flood plains predicted in this study. Don't forget too that we have now broken ground on the construction of a few federal courthouse within steps of the Cedar River in downtown Cedar Rapids. ... Is Cedar Rapids about to commit the same crime twice? It's too early to tell, but based on behaviors and existing patterns of ineffective leadership, I am suggesting today that the best solution to mitigate long term flooding risks in Cedar Rapids are being quietly brushed aside by decision makers who haven't taken the necessary time to study and understand what's being offered.

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