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Monday, May 18, 2009

Krusty Konservative: Did someone say image problem?

Excerpted from this post at Krusty Konservative

When Doug Gross released the results of his poll last month, one of the
main things he talked about the branding problem that the Republican Party
of Iowa has. He said it was backwards looking, not welcoming, and so on
and so forth. I actually thought it was good for Gross to bring up those issues
so that Republicans can do a better job communicating the principles of their
party. You know who else has a branding problem? Doug Gross. I don't need
a fancy poll to tell me that either. Gross has spent the better part of a month
telling Iowa Republicans that his opinion matters more than theirs. It's almost
as if he has become some sort of overbearing parent that constantly is
critiquing his kids, but is guilty of the same sins.


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