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Friday, May 15, 2009

24-Hour Dorman: Harkin likes junk food tax

Excerpted from this post at 24-Hour Dorman

U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin said this morning that the idea of using a tax on
sodas/junk food to help pay for health care reform is generating some
fizz in Capitol Hill. "It's on the table. It could be," Harkin said
during his weekly conference call with print scribes. "And quite
frankly, I'm pre-disposed (to it). "That's what's making people
unhealthy and obese," he said. Harkin rejected the notion that a
government tax on food choices could play into the hands of critics
trying to shoot down the broader health overhaul. Actually, Harkin
said, all the tax would do is help us listen to our "DNA." Harkin says
we're all wired genetically to be healthy, but our sugar-coated
society steers us to make bad choices.

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