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Friday, April 10, 2009

The Iowa Republican: The philosophy of Mike Gronstal

Excerpted from this post at The Iowa Republican

This past Monday, Senator Paul McKinley, the Republican Leader in the
State Senate, asked Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal if he would
allow his collogues in the Senate to vote on a measure that would let
the people of Iowa decide if they want gay marriage in or not. By now,
you have undoubtedly heard that Gronstal’s answer was a resounding no,
but his answer to Senator McKinley provided an unfiltered view on what
Gronstal really thinks about the people of Iowa. Gronstal doesn’t care
about the will of the people. When it comes to a massive $750 million
plan that will plunge the state into debt, Gronstal doesn't care that
71% of the people oppose it. The only thing that matters is what he


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