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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Iowa Defense Alliance: Wall of Shame for Matt Strawn?

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Defense Alliance

I wrote an earlier post criticizing Matt Strawn and the RPI's lack of
action in regards to the Iowa Supreme Court's ruling on the Defense of
Marriage Act. It seemed to me that this issue exploded the grassroots
and the activists while bringing out warriors in the Republican
political class. Instead of capitalizing on this renewed enthusiasm
of the people and highlighting the politicians who were taking a
principled stance, we heard crickets chirping from the RPI. In fact,
in the last two Chairman Reports Mr. Strawn did not even mention the
fight for traditional marriage which happens to be one the top planks
in the Republican Party Platform. As you know, IDA has something
called the Wall of Shame and we were wondering if we should place Matt
Strawn on this wall for his lack of conviction on the marriage

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