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Friday, April 24, 2009

Coralville Courier: Asking taxpayers to "prevent" Mother Nature is foolhardy

Excerpted from this post at Coralville Courier

Johnson County has been hit hard by Mother Nature in recent years and
make no mistake it will happen again. Remember the flood of 1993? It
caused millions of dollars in damage. In knee-jerk reaction, millions
of taxpayer dollars in flood mitigation projects for the area were
spent. That worked out well didn't it? Not thinking things through and
getting it right cost us. So now as a result of the 2008 flood and
under the guise of "solving Mother Nature," local government is
hurriedly trying to slap you with a Mother Nature tax. I've heard
Coralville city councilors like Tom Gill tell us that they want to
move forward with flood mitigation projects with arrogant lines like,
"It has been decided to solve the problem once and for all."


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