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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

24-Hour Dorman: Culver finally weighs in

Excerpted from this post at 24-Hour Dorman

After four days of reflection, Gov. Chet Culver has a statement on the
Supreme Court's ruling in Varnum v. Brien. ... I appreciate how the
governor articulates a separation between his personal beliefs and the
content of laws that impact all Iowans. I'm just not sure why it took
several days for his folks to think that up. It's the very same
concept that lies at the core of the Supreme Court ruling. Of course,
Culver will be ripped up and down by many for not trying to impose his
personal beliefs on the state constitution, but none of his harshest
critics would vote for him even if he supported a ban. He also has no
formal role in the amendment process, at least no more than any other
Iowan who shows up to vote.

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