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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Politically Speaking: King takes to floor to tout Fair Tax

Excerpted from this post at Politically Speaking

The April 15 federal tax filing deadline is approaching, so you'll be
hearing more from Iowa 5th District Congressman Steve King on his
efforts to abolish the federal income tax. For the seven years he's
been a congressman, King has flogged a national consumption/sales tax
called the Fair Tax as a replacement for income tax. In fact, if you
turn to C-SPAN right now, you'll see King touting the Fair Tax. King
at 6 p.m. began using the special order speech time after the House
shuts down for the day to deliver his case (to an empty room, yes, but
also for the cameras) for the tax conversion. He'll say the Fair Tax
is true economic stimulus, in contrast to the initiatives of President

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