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Monday, March 09, 2009

The Iowa Republican: Endangered species

Excerpted from this post at The Iowa Republican

... With the inability of Democrats to pass pro-union legislation in the Iowa House of Representatives, the practice of recruiting moderate candidates may be a thing of the past. On this past weekend's Iowa Press, Ken Sagar the president of the Iowa Federation of Labor and Treasurer of the Iowa Democratic Party sent a clear warning to the six house Democrats who voted against prevailing wage legislation late last month. When asked if there will be some primaries next year, Sagar said, "I think we're clearly going to look closely at those people who have supported us and we'll look closely at some of the others." ... In 2008, the Iowa Democratic Party spent $41,512.42 on behalf of Rep. McKinley Bailey's re-election effort. Sources say that the Democratic Party sunk another $100,000.00 into his race the final week before the election. Iowa Democrats also spent $232,781.28 in getting Rep. Larry Marek elected last fall. With Sagar's comments, along with the fact that his hands are firmly on the purse strings of the Iowa Democratic Party, pro-business Democrats like Bailey and Marek could be left out to dry if they face a tough opponent in 2010.

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