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Friday, March 20, 2009

In Flyover Country: Iowa gets a break - Collins to the RNC

Excerpted from this post at In Flyover Country

As has been reported around the blogosphere today, Gentry Collins was
tapped today to serve as the RNC Political Director. A few months ago,
Krusty had posted a rumor that Collins was heading out to California
to work with Meg Whitman's campaign. He's been rumored for other posts
as well, but today it became official. This is significant for a
couple of reasons. First, it's always good when an Iowa operative gets
a big role in national politics. We want our local folks to succeed.
However, the best news for Iowa is that there will be someone inside
the RNC at a high level who can keep an eye on the Iowa Caucuses and
our first-in-the-nation status.


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