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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Essential Estrogen: To be first, or not to be first. That really is the question

Excerpted from this post at Essential Estrogen

University of Iowa Iowa State University economist David Swenson took
a close look at the spending of the presidential hopefuls in the final
two quarters of 2007 -- those months in the lead-up to the Iowa
Caucus. What he found was the contenders from the two prominent
political parties spent $15.55 million in Iowa during the 3rd and 4th
quarters. While I would agree that this is a massive figure, the truth
is that the candidates didn't spend the most in Iowa, despite the
caucuses. The most money of all was spent in Virginia. The District of
Columbia, California, Florida, Illinois and Pennsylvania all garnered
more of the candidates' dollars than did Iowa.


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