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Monday, March 30, 2009

Essential Estrogen: Grassley goes from suicide to sexism

Excerpted from this post at Essential Estrogen

... I nearly spit my morning caffeine across the keyboard when I read about Grassley's latest: "...Grassley (R-Iowa) was reminding [Sen. Kent] Conrad (D-North Dakota) of a past favor, apparently at a speaking function, and how he expected something in return. "I would hope you would return the favor," Grassley said. Conrad said "Oh, you are good," to which Grassley responded: "Your wife said the same thing." Conrad tried to laugh it off. "I used to like you," he told Grassley..." No doubt this exchange, if it gets reported at all, will be under the guise of Grassley disparaging a colleague's wife. The truth is that Grassley, a supposed happily married man, is disparaging himself. Implied in this statement is Grassley "having an intimate exchange" with Mrs. Conrad. Implied in this statement is that Grassley broke a promise to his wife in order to do so. This isn't political rhetoric. This isn't painting a verbal picture to show one's displeasure for a policy or a current event. Shoot, this isn't even being folksy or eccentric. It's nothing more or less than Grassley behaving like a spoiled, under-sexed frat boy during a budget committee hearing.


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