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Monday, March 30, 2009

Battleground Iowa: What Shawn Johnson can teach us about Iowa's concealed carry bills

Excerpted from this post at Battleground Iowa

I have to say I was shocked and a little shaken when I heard the horrible news story about the man who is apparently obsessed with Iowa's golden girl, Shawn Johnson. ... It made me think about what would have happened if all this had occurred in Iowa. More specifically, it made me think about what the consequences would have been for this disturbed man under the two competing concealed carry permit bills that were introduced in the Iowa Legislature this year. ... basically, in Iowa, if HF 596 were in place, this guy would probably be charged with a relatively minor misdemeanor, or nothing at all, and he'd probably be back out on the streets right now... still obsessing over Shawn, or perhaps moving on to being obsessed with one of your kids. This is why there needs to be some reasonable rules that could prevent certain deranged people from carrying guns around. I don't think a sheriff in Iowa should have total discretion to deny permits, but there are certain cases in which permits should be denied, which is why I supported HF 193 instead.

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