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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Krusty Konservative: The gas tax

Excerpted from this post at Krusty Konservative

If you want to see my blood boil, just send me some a news story or
show me a clip from Iowa Press of a Republican in the state
legislature agreeing to raise the gas tax if their Democrat
counterparts decide to act on the issue. While I agree that one of the
purposes of state government is to invest public infrastructure, state
government also must realize that raising taxes or fees during the
current economic crisis is risky, especially when you realize that the
state raised motor vehicle fees just last year to help pay for our
infrastructure needs. I love to hear how some legislators think an
eight to ten cent increase per gallon is really no big deal. Some
suggest that it would only cost Iowa's another $50 bucks a year give
or take.

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