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Friday, February 06, 2009

In Flyover Country: Who should replace Yepsen?

Excerpted from this post at In Flyover Country

With the recent announcement by the Dean of the Iowa Political Press,
David Yepsen, a lot of national wags and newsies are talking about who
should replace him. There are two aspects to replacing Yepsen. First,
who replaces him at the Register. Second, who becomes the lead dog in
the press corps. ... Two questions we ask our readers. 1) Why does David
Yepsen need to be replaced at the Register? At this point, he is an
opinion columnist, albeit a good one with a great knowledge of Iowa
politics and government. There are plenty of less expensive ways to
get opinion into the newspaper, even though they may not be as good.
2) Mike Glover? Seriously? Everyone likes Mike, and our blogger board
has dealt with him for years in our real lives.

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