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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

In Flyover Country: Steve & Kim: Shut the &@$% up!!

Excerpted from this post at In Flyover Country

Here's some good political advice which will no doubt go unheeded:
Steve Scheffler and Kim Lehman need to stop giving interviews to
reporters talking about other Republicans. In fact, why stop there?
How about the SCC passing a gag order so those two can't give ANY
interviews using their party by-lines. Here's how it could be worded:
Whereas: The Republican Party of Iowa is an organization committed to
advancing the Republican agenda by supporting our Republican
candidates for office, and Whereas: Our national committeeman and
national committeewoman spend more time advancing the agenda of the
Iowa Christian Alliance and the Iowa Right to Life Committee so that
they can raise money to pay their own salaries, and Whereas: Neither
Lehman nor Scheffler spend time appropriately contrasting Republican
views with Democratic views but rather focus on attacking Republicans
that aren't Christian or right-wing enough for their own narrow


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