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Monday, February 02, 2009

Coralville Courier: Despite sour economy County Supervisors to consider giving themselves a raise

Excerpted from this post at Coralville Courier

The Johnson County Compensation Board last night recommended that the county's elected officials receive a 3 percent pay raise for fiscal year 2010. If you'll recall, Supervisors fattened up their budget for fiscal 2009 by more than 13% over the previous year, escalating up to approximately $75 million from about $64 million. Part of that increase included 3.5% pay raises for the likes of Supervisor Rod 'Blago' Sullivan and Auditor Tom 'Hickup' Slockett. The vote for this proposed raise was 4-2 in favor of the raise. Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek wants a pay raise so he can be the fifth highest paid Sheriff in the state... That's his argument, I work in the fifth highest populated county, so then I should be the fifth highest paid Sheriff in the state... Pay based on population, as opposed to merit.

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