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Monday, February 23, 2009

Bleeding Heartland: The price of a flawed coordinated campaign

Excerpted from this post at Bleeding Heartland

The "prevailing wage" bill, one of organized labor's top legislative priorities, stalled in the Iowa House on Friday as Democrats were unable to find a 51st vote. ... This post is about why Democratic House leaders now face two unappealing outcomes: either they fail to pass a good bill supported by a key Democratic constituency, or they force one of their members into an embarrassing about-face that could affect the next election campaign. ... Earlier this week, Republican Chris Rants wrote on his blog that "Republicans were relying on 'the Sovereign Seven - the 'conservative pro-business' Democrats who were going to block' union backed legislation like prevailing wage. ... I'd never heard the term "Sovereign Seven" before, but I knew that several Democratic legislators were not going to be reliable votes for the majority. That's one reason I was so upset about the failure of Barack Obama's presidential campaign to run a truly coordinated get-out-the-vote effort last fall. During the summer the Obama campaign took over the "coordinated campaign" role from the Iowa Democratic Party and promised to work for candidates up and down the ticket. But staffers and volunteers in the unprecedented number of Obama field offices didn't even collect voter IDs for our state House and Senate candidates. Our legislative candidates weren't usually mentioned in scripts for canvassers and rarely had their fliers included in lit drops.

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