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Monday, January 26, 2009

Radio Iowa: Selling state assets

Excerpted from this post at Radio Iowa

Governor Culver has said in tough times, it makes sense to consider
selling state assets to help see the state through the current budget
crisis. He uses a plural word there -- assets. But the only asset
discussed, to date, has been the Iowa Lottery. So what might this list
of assets (plural), include? Republicans like Senator Paul McKinley,
the minority leader in the state senate, say it makes business sense
in tough times to dump/sell assets which are a drain on the state
budget. ... I've asked a spokesman in the governor's office, via email,
for a list of other assets Governor Culver is considering for the
auction block. He hasn't replied yet, so in the meantime, let's you
and I come up with a list. 1. Terrace Hill, the governor's mansion,
sits on some prime real estate in Des Moines.


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