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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Radio Iowa blog: In Memoriam: Mary Lundby

Excerpted from this post at Radio Iowa blog

Lundby's former colleagues in the Iowa Senate passed a resolution this week, honoring her. I wrote a story for Radio Iowa. It was both a difficult and an easy story to write -- easy because Lundby's life was rich with action and substance; difficult because she was a woman who made no secret of the fact she was interested in seeing other women, including me, move up the ladder of success. Nearly every Christmas I received a card from Lundby with a handwritten note inside about the importance of my work and the example I was setting for young women. I always understood the admonition between the lines, too -- you've got a position of responsibility; don't screw it up. Lundby was a gifted politician. Unlike many of today's politicians, she did not sound off on every issue. When she spoke, people listened because it was a rare circumstance. Brevity was her hallmark.


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