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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Questions, Comments and Insults: QCI endorsement: Matt Strawn for RPI chair

Excerpted from this post at Questions, Comments and Insults

Today... we endorse. I've really never sat down and done one of these
endorsements here. So it will be completely random (as you expect).
While this will be no surprise to anyone, QCI is endorsing Matt Strawn
to be our next Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. "Whoah G$,
this is earth shattering!" Yea, yea... keep it coming. "Real good Grant,
endorse your boss." That's all you got? ... Since I have been in
involved for the past 10 or so years... I have had a ton of mutual
friends who knew Matt. I had heard about him... knew he was a rising
star... but I didn't meet him until final push in 2004... in Iowa. I had
Central Iowa for BC '04... and had to drop off more materials in Jasper


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