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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Krusty Konservative: BVP: Retrofit or restoration

Excerpted from this post at Krusty Konservative

Politics can be a tough business, but it is especially true for anyone
who has ever put their name on the ballot. Thick skin and resolve are
important attributes for any candidate, but especially true for a
candidate making their 2nd or third attempt at running office. The
question that looms large for them is simple, what's different this
time around the block. For some candidates it can easily answered, but
many candidates struggle and can never find a way to answer such a
simple question. Iowa's political grave yard is littered with the
carcasses of failed two and three time candidates. In fact, I can only
think of one time in which a 2nd time candidate was successful, Jim
Leach in 1976. In 1974 Leach lost to Ed Mezvinsky 56% to 46% but
bounced back in 76 and won 52% to 58%.


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